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Inverter System:Q.HOME 7.6kW-8.6kW,9kWh-18.9kWh


System SKU# Product Line up and Specification
Inverter Battery
HQCAESS1118 7.6 kW 18.9 kWh
HQCAESS1121 8.6 kW 9kWh
HQCAESS1124 8.6 kW 18.9kWh
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  • Q Cells Q.Home+ 7.6-8.6kW Inverter / 9kWh-18.9kWh Lithium Ion Battery ESS 
    Hybrid inverter + Battery Charger + Lithium-Ion Battery + 10 year product warranty.
  • SCALABLE SOLUTION FOR OPTIMIZED CONSUMPTION Scalable storage capacity from 4.5kWh up to 18.9kWh to suit all consumption cases.
  • SMART DESIGN Modular design for easy and fast installation, remote control operated hybrid system with PV inverter, lithium-ion battery, and battery charger.
  • REMOTE MONITORING Easy maintenance due to its early error detection function, web and mobile monitoring, and a reliable service network.
  • SAFETY AND RELIABILITY Premium quality lithium-ion.
  • DURABILITY High durability with 10 year product warranty and 90% depth of discharge (DoD).
  • 100% BACKUP POWER FUNCTION Thanks to the integrated backup power function, even in the event of power failure 100% of the rated inverter output will support critical loads.
  • Manufacturer : Q Cells
    • Fully-wrapped QCELLS system.  One contact for any troubleshooting, no finger pointing.
    • DC and AC coupled are available using the same hardware.  Our hybrid inverter can replace PV and battery inverters
    • Most kilowatt hours stored for the dollar, including a $500 Q.PARTNER rebate per system installed
    • 7.5kW continuous in backup
    • 44.3A surge in backup.  
    • Up to 4 MPPTs capable of up to 3.6kW per MPPT (150-500v window)
    • NEMA 3R and 4X and recommended temp rating to 113 degrees
    • Warranty 10 years

Scope of Supply:

  • Revenue grade meter(CT included),hybrid inverter, battery and BMS, Autotransformer and Wi-Fi.


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