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Solar Panel:REC320TP3SM Black Q2


  • This is a pallet price which includes 33 solar panels.
  • 320Watt 60 cells Black Frame Black Back-sheet
  • High Efficiency 320Watts Mono Crystalline Black Frame Black Back-sheet (BOB)
  • 33 panels per pallet. 10,560 Watts per pallet. 10.56kW per pallet
  • 28 pallets per 53’ container. 924 modules per 53’container. 295.68kW per 53’ container.

REC TwinPeak 3

Based on the multiple award-winning REC TwinPeak technology, REC TwinPeak 3 panels bring heightened efficiency to REC’s portfolio. Building on REC’s long experience with half-cut cell technology, the REC TwinPeak 3 Series uses p-type monocrystalline cells, offering an even greater efficiency and power, making this Series suitable for all applications and system sizes, anywhere in the world!

REC 320W TP3M Black Datasheet