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Solar Recycling and Reclamation


We have proudly made solar electric systems affordable for thousands of families from all over the world. We believe in sustainability so we recycle by reusing solar products such as solar panels, batteries, inverters and many more. If they cannot be reused, we can dispose of solar products responsibly though our downstream partners who are true recyclers of these products.

We provide end-to-end solutions for our customers by overseeing every aspect of solar panel reclamation and disposition processes such as: site work, logistics, transportation, recycling and more.

We are a liaison between:

  • a customer base who relies on affordable solar electric systems, and
  • the big corporations, solar developers, EPCs and other institutions who have scrap solar panels that need help with responsible and sustainable disposal services.


Not all scrap solar panels need to go to the recycling facilities to be destroyed and ground into minerals.

We partner with experts from the industry, and we take the disposing of solar panels very seriously.

Please contact us for more information about how we can provide you or your institution with these services.

Energy Efficiency and Engineering Services

Our engineering team has more than a decade long experience in Energy Management, Energy Proposal Review, Feasibility Studies, Utility Analysis, Investment Grade Audit Documents, Energy Audits-ASHRAE I, II and more.

Our team has provided third-party engineering services to variegated commercial and public institutions, by helping them manage energy consumption and producing solar PV energy.

We provide the following main services:

  • Solar Design and Permitting services
  • Analysis of cost, savings and return on investment of energy conservation measures including solar PV systems.
  • Owner’s representation in energy efficiency projects (primarily solar PV)
Solar PV Installation and Turnkey Solutions

Our teams have been proudly installing commercial and residential solar PV systems for the last ten years in Arizona and California. We also have a network of preferred installers and partners from other parts of the country. Let us know which region you are based in and we will be more than happy to help with your solar energy installations. Let us also know if we can be of any help searching for the best products on the market that work in your climate.

Photovoltaic System Designs Customized to Your Needs
  • Utility Usage Analysis
  • Comprehensive Site Visits
  • Correctly Sized Systems
  • The Paperwork Process
Quality System Installations
  • Beginning with Quality products
  • The best trained employees
  • Double flashed systems
  • Exceeding the minimum
  • Quality checks after each install

Financing Option Choices to Better Serve Your Needs

  • Multiple Financing companies
  • Multiple plans to suit your needs
  • Credit scores as low as 640
  • No money out of pocket

More Energy Efficiency Products to Reduce Your Usage

  • The “Nest” thermostat
  • Duct sealant
  • High efficiency pool pumps
  • LED lighting Packages